the Tri-State Alliance

CCAP has been awarded a National dissemination grant designed to support district authorizers in strengthening their charter school authorizing and oversight practices. This grant, The Tri-State Aliance for Improving District-Led Charter Authorizing, is partnered with the Florida Association of Charter School Authorizers (FACSA) and the Colorado Association of Charter School Authorizes (CACSA). This project supports the improvement of the practices of all authorizers, including small and rural authorizers, so outcomes improve and expand quality choices for all families and students. Resulting from this alliance will be the creation and dissemination of replicable best-practice resources to support effective authorizing and charter school oversight by school districts, including small/rural authorizers. This goal emphasizes peer-to-peer efforts to improve professional practice through state-based work that leverages nationally-recognized tools and procedures.

The Tri-State Alliance focuses on strengthening charter school authorizing and oversight in the following areas:

  • Conducting application review

  • Establishing governance standards and practices

  • Promoting and monitoring the compliance of charter schools with Federal, State or local academic, financial and operational requirements

  • Evaluating school performance

  • Facilitating the replication and expansion of high-quality schools

  • Improving schools’ academic, financial or operational performance

  • Closing persistently underperforming schools

Authorizer needs survey

CCAP (California Charter Authorizing Professionals) commissioned a survey to solicit direct input from districts and county offices to prioritize the development of model materials and professional development opportunities to meet authorizer’s needs. Survey data will also be used to better understand district and county authorizer needs throughout California, the implementation of best practices, and authorizer’s views about the state’s charter authorizing environment.