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CCAP is pleased to offer multiple membership categories to both charter school authorizers and other organizations committed to supporting quality in California's charter school sector.

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Please make payment by check payable or send PO to:

California Charter Authorizing Professionals
c/o David Patterson, Treasurer
2351 Sunset Blvd, Ste. 170
Rocklin, CA 95765

Authorizer Memberships

Organizational Members
An organization may join CCAP to provide access to CCAP benefits to its authorizing staff. Organizational dues will be based on the number of schools authorized by the district, county or state department of education, as described below. Organizational members and their staff will have access to CCAP’s full suite of benefits.

Small: 0-5 Charter Schools Authorized          $250
Medium: 6-15 Charter Schools Authorized    $500
Large: 16+ Charter Schools Authorized          $1,500

Individual Members
An authorizing professional may join for an annual fee of $150. Individual members will have access to most CCAP features, with some services and products reserved only for authorizing organizations.

Associate Memberships

Organizational Associate Members
Non-authorizing entities may join CCAP as organizational associate members. These groups include other education non-profits, law firms, charter management companies, and other entities interested in advancing the state’s charter sector through high-quality authorizing. Through this membership, they will have access to most CCAP services and products. The dues structure for this member category is:

Organizations with 2-15 Employees                 $650 with member benefits extended to 5 employees
Organizations with 16+ Employees                   $1,750 with member benefits extended to 10 employees

Individual Associate Members
An individual may join as a CCAP associate member for an annual rate of $250. Individual associate members must either be independent practitioners or consultants with no current affiliation to an established organization, or a former CCAP authorizer member that no longer works as an authorizing professional but seeks to stay  engaged with the organization. Individual associate members will have
access to most CCAP features. 


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